Norfolk Biodiversity

Norfolk’s rich in biodiversity, a blog begins …

Welcome to Norfolk County Council’s new Biodiversity Blog which aims to publicise the latest news, stories and events about  Biodiversity, here in the beautiful County of Norfolk.

So why is Norfolk’s biodiversity special? Norfolk is surrounded by a wealth of plant and animal life and out of all the UK’s priority species for conservation, one third of them are found in Norfolk!

It may not be known to everyone, but we have three key arms when it comes to biodiversity at the Council (we are a distinct looking bunch, but so are some of the species we try to conserve and protect). These are the:

1. Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS): The Environmental Records and Data side of things.


2. Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership (NBP):  The bringing together of partners from volunteer groups to local authorities to protect and boost biodiversity.

nbp logo

3. Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative (NNNSI): Allowed it’s long name because of the difficult task it faces, how to stem the threats that aliens pose to Norfolk.


We hope that the blog is going to be informative and fun, but most importantly highlight the amazing array of biodiversity at our fingertips (literally, as well as metaphorically). Enjoy!

Millipede in hand (Credited to Lizzy Carroll)

Millipede in hand (Credited to Lizzy Carroll)

P.s. It will be great to hear feedback about our blogs, so please do leave us a comment or two. Also, if you are a keen blogger yourself and would like to be a part, please do contact us at:


About Norfolk Biodiversity

The Environment Team at Norfolk County Council

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