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Vote for Kett’s Oak

Experts from the Woodland Trust have decided that Norfolk’s very own Kett’s Oak is one of the top 10 contenders for England’s Tree of the Year. A whopping 200 trees were nominated  and Kett’s Oak has made it to the final stage, the public competition. We have until Tuesday 4th November to vote for our favourite, but what’s not to like about Norfolk’s finest. We really do need your vote. Voting has now closed on Tuesday 4th November 2014.

The winning tree will represent England in the 2015 European Tree of the Year contest.

Kett's Oak credit WTPL/David Woodcock

Kett’s Oak credit WTPL/David Woodcock

So why the name? 

Kett’s Oak has a great history dating back to the Kett’s Rebellion in the 16th century. In 1549  a wealthy farmer from Wymondham, Robert Kett, led a rebel army against Norwich to protest against the enclosing of common land and rising living cost. So not too different from today. Kett’s Oak stands on the road between Hethersett and Norwich, where the rebels met and rested before marching onward. Sadly after that things after that went a little sour, and he ended up hanged at Norwich Castle. However, over 450 years on the tree stands in memory of his brave efforts.

Kett's Oak Plaque  source:

Kett’s Oak Plaque source:

But this living relic is not just extremely old, but also supports an incredible range of wildlife. The nooks and crannies provide homes for thousands of rare or threatened species of animals, fungi and plants. Find out more.

It’s no easy contest

This Norfolk treasure is against tough competition, such as Big Bellied Oak in Wiltshire and the Newton’s apple tree that inspired the theory of gravity. All the trees in the top ten are spectacular examples of ancient trees, with both historical and ecological significance. See the full list of contestants.

The competition is intended to raise awareness of the importance of England’s historic trees, which will support the Woodland Trust campaign to establish a national tree register.

All the trees shortlisted are worthy of the title, but Kett’s Oak is near and dear to our hearts as a valuable part of Norfolk’s cultural heritage.

Don’t forget to vote by Tuesday 4th November 2014 – Voting has now closed.



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